25 Reasons Why I Am No Longer A Christian

No, not me – but a person named Craig Lee Duckett.


Prior to earning degrees in Humanities (e.g., Philosophy, Literature, History), I attended Northwest University to prepare for a career as a pastoral minister. I studied biblical exegesis, hermeneutics, New Testament (Koine) Greek, a little Hebrew, ancient near east history, and doctrinal interpretation. During this time I was ‘on fire for the Lord’. I witnessed to anyone who would listen and brought several friends to Christ. Always a voracious reader—sometimes reading three or four books a week—I immersed myself in the study of religion and took full advantage of the extensive (and expensive) scholarly volumes in the school library.

Ironically, it was during my years at the Bible college that I was inadvertantly introduced to information that would eventually lead me to question my faith.

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  1. littlepastor says:

    Not that uncommon in the Theology realms, for someone to begin to question their faith and stray away altogether.

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