Work and Religion Conflict

In the wake of community criticism, Target Corp. is reassigning its Muslim cashiers who refuse to ring up pork products for religious reasons to other jobs at the stores.

Target received a wave of criticism earlier this week after the Star Tribune reported in a front-page article that some Muslim cashiers at Target declined to scan bacon and other pork products. They would call over another cashier to ring up the products, or in some cases, ask customers to do it themselves.


Personally, I don’t understand why people accept jobs that conflict with their spiritual beliefs in certain areas.  Maybe it’s because the don’t have any other jobs to accept, but it reminds me of the Catholic pharmacist that refuses to give out birth control. 

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One Response to Work and Religion Conflict

  1. Bone says:

    They’ve declared Jihad on the check out line. I wish they would declare Jihad on high prices instead.


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