What’s Up With Me This Morning – Last Wishes

Some of you have emailed asking how am I feeling since I mentioned I was sick a couple days ago.  Well, I’m taking the day off work resting at home still feeling sick, but I think the worst has passed me by.   Hopefully I’ll be fully recovered for our flight on Friday and I won’t pass anything along to WifeGeeding or SisterGeeding.

However, sitting at home got me to thinking about this trip and life in general.  For instance, what if something happens to me, or to all of us?  Because of this thought I have spent most of this morning updating my beneficiary information and getting things in order.  Mom was either a partial or contingent beneficiary, and with her gone I needed to update this stuff.  Not to mention, I always wanted to get things together in case something happened that a person could pick up one folder and find all the information that they would need. 

The only regret I have is that I don’t have a will, and I don’t have time to actually get one together before the trip.  The one thing I did do, even though it probably would not hold up in court, is to make a statement regarding my wishes and sign it stating I’m doing this with clarity of mind and under no duress.   And maybe this post might somehow back that up since no one else has the username and password to this blog.

If WifeGeeding and SisterGeeding survive me, they will naturally get all my stuff.  But if they don’t survive me, then my only family other than the ones in Vietnam are pretty much two cousins in California, oh, and BrotherGeeding – and I don’t want him getting a single cent.  As a matter of fact, I want to make it that perfectly clear, I do not want him getting anything of mine after my death – period.

Why am I so hard on BrotherGeeding?  Well, basically he refused to talk to MomGeeding for the past three years of her life and cashed in as sole beneficiary on a large life insurance policy he took out on her a couple of months after DadGeeding died back in 1998.  He’s more than set financially, and doesn’t deserve any more.  I hope he finds what he’s looking for, and I know what he’s looking for isn’t monetary, I just don’t know if he knows that.

So now that I have that said, the only other wish I would like to make should something happen to me and someone decides to put together a funeral for my cremated remains is for a U2 song to be played.   I would like my favorite East Coast pastor to pick the song.

Sorry to be so morbid this morning, but just thought I need to air this out.

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