What’s more embarrassing ?

That the wedgie you received caused you to go to the hospital?


Your mom telling the news you cried for 30 minutes?

Her son plays on the junior varsity golf team for the school. She said he was riding the bus with the varsity team when he became the victim of a sports initiation hazing ritual.

She said the boy was called to the back of the bus by two older high school students and that they picked him up by his boxer shorts and held him upside down. She said that’s when the torment really began.

“It was so extreme it ripped his boxer shorts in two,” Carol said.

It was a sports initiation that Carol said involved giving the younger players what’s commonly called a wedgie.

Carol said the older boys also punched her son in the groin and stomach.

“He was bent over and couldn’t hardly walk. He cried for probably 30 minutes,” Carol said.

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2 Responses to What’s more embarrassing ?

  1. Starr says:

    Oh, for SURE the mom caused more embarrassment than the wedgie. “Please Lord, don’t ever let me be that out of touch as a mom that I would embarrass my child in the national media. Amen.”

  2. Pete says:

    Honestly, I feel a bit bad for the kid. It already sucks to get teased and I imagine it sucks even more to get it on national media.

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