We’re taking that route?

March 9, 2007 4:42 PM CST
Somewhere near Juneau, Alaska
The first movie ended so the screens and monitors start showing us that cool travel data stuff again. The maps show that the plane is very near

Juneau, Alaska (What’s up Lady Feinberg!)

I would have thought rather than outlining the coast, the plane would fly right over the open waters of the Pacific. I wonder if that’s for safety reasons or if its more cost effective with wind currents or a shorter distance because of the curvature of the Earth. I dunno, but either way it makes me feel a little assured for some reason.


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3 Responses to We’re taking that route?

  1. Peggy says:

    When JJ and I flew to Okinawa way back in 1973, we flew from Dallas to San Francisco then to Juneau, too. The rest of the way to Okinawa was about 16 hours. so long in the air you almost forget you are so far up……Thinking of you and yours….

  2. lyna says:

    i think it’s so cool and generous that you share this travel experience with us. thank you soooo much for this.
    my mom passed away last october and eventhough she was not vietnamese, i feel specially close to you in this “closure” trip for you, wifegeeding and sistergeeding.
    and don’t worry about your dogs. i’m sure god has a soft spot for man’s best friends and that he’s specially looking after them while you’re out.
    a great deal of emotions awaits you in this country.
    i am certain that you will forever be grateful that you did this.
    enjoy, dear friend, as you get ready to meet the rest of your life in a very different way. you’re already a fine person but i’m sure you will be quite better, on so many levels, when you get back!

  3. MToots says:

    By my calculations…..you are awaking in a new place w/ new family and a beautiful opportunity today! Make the most of it. Thank God for this. I love all of you!!!

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