Videos from our Vietnam Trip

Students are just let out for recess/exercise time.

Before they can go out and play, they have to take part in some kind of exercise or dance.

Part of the My Tho island tour where we actually had to row back to our boat in the harbor.

This is me crosssing the street in My Tho. Traffic was actully really slow at the time.

Normal blogging begins tomorrow, although I might sneek some posts in today.

If you have any questions about our trip, just post the questions or email me at kgeeding at hotmail dot com.

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2 Responses to Videos from our Vietnam Trip

  1. The children are absolutely adorable! OMG I love all their laughing and smiling faces. And doing their dance? Too cute!

    Wow, I would hate to have to cross the street in traffic like that. I can tell you now, my best friend who has a fear of crossing the street would end up spending all her time on that one side of the road. LOL she would rather do that then cross a busy street.

  2. MToots says:

    Loved seeing the smile on WifeGeeding’s face as she mingled w/ the children!

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