The baby who is already walking…at six months old

reubenslater0503468×660.jpgWhen her son started crawling at three months old, Connie Robinson had a hunch he was going to be a fast learner.

But baby Reuben still astonished her when he got to his feet and started to walk at just six months.


To be honest, I have no idea how long it takes for a baby to learn how to walk.

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3 Responses to The baby who is already walking…at six months old

  1. Cajun Pastor says:

    Most babies don’t walk until they are pretty close to a year old. Of my four children, two began walking at 13 months, one began at 16 months, and my baby girl began at 10 months. A six month old walking is absolutely unheard of. Amazing!!

  2. trich says:

    our 8 month old is just now thinking about crawling!

  3. That’s amazing. Maybe a great athlete in the making. Maybe another OJ!

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