That was a nice touch

Last night was the last time I had dinner with my Vietnamese family before jetting off.  While eating at the resort outdoors at sunset with the sound of waves hitting the beach, my mom’s favorite song (Stevie Wonders’ I Just Called To Say I Love You) began playing.  Granted it was just the instrumental version, but I thought that was a nice way to end things.

This morning we flew out of Saigon and I actually got choked-up and started to cry as we took off.  The moment we hit the air I said, “Good-bye Mom” and reflected on the week that I spent with family I have only seen in pictures.  After a few minutes in the air I saw a beautiful sunrise, which was another nice way of capping off this adventure.  I’m definitely ready to go home, but my heart is with my family.  It’s amazing how fate chose me to live such a blessed life in the U.S., and how they live a life of poverty in Vietnam.  I know for sure that I can no longer feel sorry for myself again.

The long portion of our trip (Hong Kong to San Fran) is a bit shorter going home, 14 hours instead of 17 hours.  But I do find it interesting that I will live a 30 hour Friday today.

My iced-tea and chicken-fried steak is near, not to mention picking up DogGeeding from the kennel.

Signing off from Hong Kong and about 20 hours from home,


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