Taking A Break – But here’s some U2 for you

I actually caught some kind of virus the week before my trip to Vietnam, so I’m going to obey doctor’s orders and get a lot of R&R, take my meds, drink lots of liquids, up the vitamin C, bonohybels.jpgand so on.  So in short, not much blogging is going to happen this Friday, but I thought I would leave you with a pretty groovy U2 clip.

This clip comes from a DVD a loyal reader and good friend sent to me in which Bill Hybels interviews Bono about his faith and Africa.  So who’s Bill Hybels?  In short, he’s the founding pastor of Willow Creek Community Church which is one of the most attended churches in America and was named one of Time Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America.  It’s also worth noting that he leads a network of 10,500 churches and trains more than 100,000 pastors each year.

edgesctipture.jpgRegarding this clip from that DVD, it has which I think is my favorite U2 concert moment.  It’s from the Elevation tour and has scripture references on the screen for “40” and “Where The Streets Have No Name”, and there is a small clip of Bono speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast.  I’ve often wondered how many people in the crowd really knew they were singing something straight from the scriptures.

Some of you  pastor folk will be getting a copy of the DVD in the mail from me, but for those of you who are not getting one from me, you can order a DVD free of charge here (one per church).

Also, if you are wondering about Bono’s faith, I would suggest checking out this link and reading the section “Bono confesses his faith”.

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