Regent University Facts

Regent University which was founded by Pat Robertson has 150 graduates serving in the Bush Administration.

I found that interesting for some reason.

More Regent University quick facts can be found here.

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2 Responses to Regent University Facts

  1. Also interesting is that Regent Law School is a 4th tier school, ranked just a bit under Appalachian School of Law and Mississippi College. hmmm.

  2. JStraight says:

    Regent University plays hide and seek with 150 Bush admin alumni — Now they’re here… Now they’re not!

    As late as 6 April, 2007, Regent University’s “facts” web page proudly boasted that they had:

    “150 graduates serving in the Bush Administration.”

    Between April 6 and April 12, the University removed that statement from their web site and, for at least several days, (April 12-16) there was no statement listed at all about any Regent U. graduates working for the Bush administration.

    Sometime on April 16, a new statement appeared on their “facts” page:

    “150 students have served in the Bush administration.”

    Apparently, not all of the 150 are still “serving” Bush, but does this statement also mean that some of those 150 “students” never actually graduated from the U?

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