Rachael Ray Email

Hey Geeding –

Since you find Rachael Ray extremely annoying, I thought this link (video) would drive you nuts.



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5 Responses to Rachael Ray Email

  1. hot_banana says:

    who is this no-name? are we ALL supposed to know her? will she pay ALL my bills if she knows me? just curious. by the way… if she does – i live in europe, whoever you are, so therefore, everything is in EUROS!!!!

  2. hot_banana says:

    let me retract that… will she pay my bills if she knows me. she makes it sound like she’s someone who’s everyone supposed to know. is that case here? don’t look at me. i don’t know her from squat. who the H-E-and-a-double-hockey-stick is she anyway?

  3. bpat says:

    She’s got spunk–I hate spunk

  4. hot_banana says:

    that’s funny, mr. grant! 😀

  5. ruby says:

    how do you find out if you won anything on your contest of nabisco crackers. i faithfully checked in every day untill the deadline and got no response., having watched your show everyday with my granddaughter I was hoping to win something no matter how small. this is why I do not like to enter contests.
    how do you explain these things to your grandchildren. that you don’t always win. I have tried but she thinks you should win if you follow all the rules.

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