Long Road Trip

Today we left My Tho for what was suppose to be a four hour road trip to a beach resort in Mui Ne with all my family.  Because of a fuel truck catching on fire and stopping all traffic, this road trip turned out to me much much longer.  I would show you some some pictures of the road trip, the fire, and the beach, but the resort’s PC’s won’t allow me to hook up my camera or thumb-drive, and there is no way of hooking up my laptop.  So you’ll just have to wait until I get to Honk Kong where there is free Wi-Fi in the airport to upload those pics.

On the way to the beach I did decide to count how many Christian churches I could find and snap as many pics as I could – I lost count after 30, which was surprising to me.  I’ll make sure to create a flickr set when I can of all the Vietnamese churches.

Tomorrow will be somber as we spread Mom’s ashes in the ocean as she wished.  I’m really glad Mom’s family could come to be a part of this.  Not just that I want them to be a part of spreading her ashes, but because they live such a life of poverty that I have an opportunity to treat them to luxury.  The price they charge to stay here is unbelievably cheap, it was the least I could do for my family for all the love and affection they’ve shown us.  Most of Vietnam is very third-world, this place certainly is not.

I think this will do it for blogging for a while since I can’t upload any pictures, but who knows.   Maybe if we are lucky, we’ll run into Brad and Angelina.

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