Long Road Trip

Today we left My Tho for what was suppose to be a four hour road trip to a beach resort in Mui Ne with all my family.  Because of a fuel truck catching on fire and stopping all traffic, this road trip turned out to me much much longer.  I would show you some some pictures of the road trip, the fire, and the beach, but the resort’s PC’s won’t allow me to hook up my camera or thumb-drive, and there is no way of hooking up my laptop.  So you’ll just have to wait until I get to Honk Kong where there is free Wi-Fi in the airport to upload those pics.

On the way to the beach I did decide to count how many Christian churches I could find and snap as many pics as I could – I lost count after 30, which was surprising to me.  I’ll make sure to create a flickr set when I can of all the Vietnamese churches.

Tomorrow will be somber as we spread Mom’s ashes in the ocean as she wished.  I’m really glad Mom’s family could come to be a part of this.  Not just that I want them to be a part of spreading her ashes, but because they live such a life of poverty that I have an opportunity to treat them to luxury.  The price they charge to stay here is unbelievably cheap, it was the least I could do for my family for all the love and affection they’ve shown us.  Most of Vietnam is very third-world, this place certainly is not.

I think this will do it for blogging for a while since I can’t upload any pictures, but who knows.   Maybe if we are lucky, we’ll run into Brad and Angelina.

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3 Responses to Long Road Trip

  1. hot_banana says:

    have a lot of fun! we’ll be looking forward to more of your adventures and pics when you are able to upload pics.

    hubby and i will be thinking of you and your family as you all spread your Mom’s ashes. we’re sure she will be smiling upon you all when you do so.

  2. No Evil Doer says:

    When I was 11, my mom and I went to Japan – it was when they hosted the World’s Fair, in 1970! We got to fly first class on a PanAm Clipper Ship – it was glorious! (She worked for AA and won some sales contest and that was her prize!)

    We both had blond hair. I can’t tell you how many sweet people came up to us just to ask if they could touch our hair and take our picture. We also went to Hong Kong. We got lost in Kowloon – we wandered thru the markets and back streets for hours. I’ll never forget the plucked, yellow chickens hanging in the shop windows, or the beautiful silk fabrics.

    We are so enjoying your posts! What a trip! Lucky you – getting to visit and not having to be a tourista! Staying with FAMILY no less. WOW!

  3. MToots says:

    What a beautiful place God created!! Does this mean you don’t want to go to SPI anymore?? I don’t think I can afford to take us to VN!!
    My heart and prayers are w/ all of you as you fulfill your mom’s wishes. How happy she is to see the love of her children and her family! And I do believe she is w/ you!

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