Janitor gets lock in courthouse cell for two days

It’s not a weekend retreat Harold Jones would recommend to anyone.

Jones spent 21/2 days without food, water or access to a restroom when he was accidentally locked in a secure room at the Dutchess County Courthouse Friday night.

“I was just going crazy in there,” the LaGrange man said Monday afternoon. “I was banging on the door so someone could hear me.”

But no one heard Jones, 32, a janitor who works an evening shift at the Market Street courthouse and other county buildings.

He was stuck for nearly 60 hours, until a Dutchess Department of Public Works employee found him Monday morning.

Now, Dutchess officials and Occupations, Inc., the Middletown-based company through which Jones was hired, are investigating why no one realized Jones was missing.

“I’m just thankful the gentleman wasn’t hurt,” said Ken Monahan, a Public Works building administrator.

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