Forget hiccupping, she can’t stop sneezing

snezegirl.jpgLast month, Brooke Owens of Asheville, N.C., began sneezing. And she continued to sneeze nonstop for three weeks straight.

In what her doctors have dubbed a “medical mystery,” Owens’ sneezing spell has defied diagnosis time and time again. Doctors have ruled out allergies and neurological disorders.

But even though the cause remains unknown, her family says episodes have come and gone for about two years.

The condition has had profound effects on Owens’ day-to-day life. At the height of this most recent bout, her sneezing became so bad that she had to be home-schooled.

So what’s the rule on the number of times you say “bless you?”

And can you imagine if that rumor that your heart stops everytime you sneeze is true?

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  2. ANGIE says:

    How is Brooke doing today and what diagnose was given for her sneezing? Did any medication help and if so the doctor she used? We have a young boy in our church that has has this problem. Doctors are baffled.

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