Eight Women Who Look Better Bald Than Britney

natportbald.jpgBy now, I’m sure we’ve all seen the photos of Britney Spears with her newly shaven head. Amidst all the speculation about whether Britney is in the middle of a full-scale mental breakdown and if her career can recover from this latest tabloid bonanza, one thing is certain: Britney just doesn’t look that good bald. Her head isn’t all that pleasingly shaped, and her facial features lack the definition necessary to make the bald look really work for her. At best, Britney is a 2 out of 10 on the female Bald-o-meter.

That being said, here’s a quick guide to eight women who look better bald than Britney.


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2 Responses to Eight Women Who Look Better Bald Than Britney

  1. I find Britney Spears really beautiful and strong in character- the kind of person I need.She is also strong, seeing where she is from-relationships and the likes.It takes a strong willed person to get through that .Congrats Britney and keep it up!

  2. Ira Eye says:

    Britney I am your biggest fan from England,you are my hero,when I grow up I want to be the same as you.

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