Clowns for Christ, Inc

Over 34 years in Evangelism, “Clowns for Christ, Inc.” is the theme for Rev. (Bob) Kahn, Sr. and his wife Alice of Cleburne, Texas.  They perform in Baptist Churches in an entertaining and unusual approach about teachings of Christ.  Bob is a born again Jew. With the Lord leading, Bob Kahn originated “Clowns for Christ, Inc.” in 1969, Phoenix, Arizona.  This is a non-profit Christian Organization.This is the oldest full time Gospel, preaching, soul winning clown Ministry, in America.  From the beginning this Ministry was designed for the youth of the world, but it has reached many people of all ages for Jesus Christ.  They travel in a motor home, spending much of the twelve months out of the year Ministering in the U.S.A.This ministry consists of Professional Clown Tricks, Christian Skits, Ventriloquist, along with performance of Gideon, the parrot, Precious, the super dog, Zacchaeus, the gospel robot, also singing action songs with Aunt Alice and her electric organ , and a vivid Biblical, visible illustrated message.Each day, and each time they return is a different program and message.  Their motto is “We Are Fools For Christ’s Sake”, taken from the New Testament record to Paul’s first letter to Corinthians 4:10.

In His Service For Lost Souls – Clowns for Christ, Inc.

Sidenote:  The music you hear on the opening page is “Lord I Lift Your Name On High.”  That praise song was ‘new’ my freshman year at the very Baptist Hardin-Simmons University and came complete with cheesy hand motions.  That friggin’ song was played soooo much that year that my ears bleed everytime I hear it.  If I’m on life support and the plug is pulled and I just won’t die – just play this song and my will to live will be gone in nano-seconds, I promise.


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2 Responses to Clowns for Christ, Inc

  1. littlepastor says:

    Praise God that someone is using their ‘gifts’ for a greater good; but….

    … as someone who works with children for a living, these kind of things make my stomach turn.

  2. Nathan Hart says:

    I thought clowns for Christ already existed!


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