Anyone up for a slice of whale shark?



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9 Responses to Anyone up for a slice of whale shark?

  1. Cecelia says:

    You are dead to the world. This is not okay. Whale Sharks are HARMLESS!

  2. thomas says:

    I agree but other fish are also harmless

    • Mark says:

      But whale shark is in endangered situation. Also, it is one of the amazing creaters that you grandchildren might only see in history file.

  3. Anthony says:

    Wow this is sick and WRONG!! What did that poor creature do anything to you to make you kill it? You should be ashamed of yourself

  4. Shalanda Poston says:

    Whalesharks deserve to live freely just like all other animals. I dont think its right to kill any animals with the exception of nurishment. Whale sharks, like so many other sharks are endangered. It's sad to know that people care so little.

  5. hunter2403 says:

    Get real tree huggers! Does a docile cow or a chicken do anything wrong? How about a trout or a salmon? It's not like the thing is just being killed for no reason! It is for food! So is it ok to kill one animal for food and not another? All these stupid "poor fish" hypocrites sit at home and have a chicken sandwich and tuna! Damn tree huggers! Go wipe your ass with moss if you want, but I say kill em and grill em!

  6. piper44 says:

    well i say kill you and grill you. what makes you think your better them a shark or any other animal, sharks have been around for millions of years and its now because of people you like you that our children and grandchildren are going to grow up only seeing animals such as sharks, polar bears, tigers and so many other species in history books. These animals were here before us and its our duty to treat this planet with respect as its our life support. do you know what will happen to our oceans if sharks go extinct? there is a difference between eating shark and eating chicken, whale sharks as all sharks do not bread often so it takes longer for the population to be built back up, chickens are not going extinct we use then for food so we make sure that they breed and have a change to repopulate this is not done with sharks and the only part of a shark that gets eating is its fins unlike a chicken where its head is the only thing left and in some countries that's eaten as well. if we want to have food like shark ect we need to make sure they are only fished at certain times of the year but this should only happen once they have fully repopulated.

  7. Simon says:

    Only in America people have luxury to make such a comment. If you lived in one of these country and your lively hood depends on whatever you catch. Well you catch them and make a meal out of whatever you can catch. Stop looking at the world with your biased eyes. I know we should conserve our planet but not everyone in the world have what we have.

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