Haircuts by Children – Toronto

haircuts02.jpegHaircuts by Children is a whimsical performance that playfully engages with the enfranchisement of children, trust in the younger generation, and the thrills and chills of vanity. Students from Parkdale Public School, between the ages of ten and twelve, offered members of the public free haircuts, in hair salons across Toronto.

Haircuts by Children invites the consideration of children as creative and competent individuals whose aesthetic choices can be trusted. The idea that kids should be allowed to cut our hair evokes the same leap of faith, courage and understanding required to grant children deeper citizenship rights.


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  1. Heather says:

    hee- love that I read about home on a Texas website. I’d never even heard about this. It’s sounds great though, especially since Parkdale is a notoriously poor and rough part of the city. Great programmes often come out of there …

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