Eating Crow

crowcut.gifI’m sure you are wondering if this section is simply an elaborate practical joke to anyone visiting the page. On the contrary, we have received a great many requests asking for further information about the culinary delights to be experienced when dining on the “Black Bandit”.


Here’s the recipe for some Pan Fried Crow:

Pan Fried Crow
submitted by Chris Thompson

2 eggs
seasoned bread crumbs or flour
oil or bacon grease
Remove breast meat from as many crows as desired. Beat with meat mallet (for tenderizing). Dip pieces in beaten egg and then in bread crumbs or flour. Fry in oil in hot skillet. Bacon grease can be substituted by can smoke. Leave inside a tad pink.

How hard is it to prepare a crow for cooking?

This batch only took about ten minutes.


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  1. MToots says:

    Sometimes this "dish" is not very tasty, but often it is good for a "healthy" diet.

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