100 years old and still working

bilde.jpegErna Cartwright isn’t boastful about her age, but she would deserve to boast about her upcoming birthday.

The Oshkosh resident turns 100 on Oct. 31 and it’s a milestone in more ways that one. Not only is she turning triple digits, but she’s also still working. That marks 82 years in the workforce.

Cartwright is the bookkeeper for Oshkosh City Cab Co., where she’s been employed since 1946. She has no formula for longevity, but said “keeping busy and moving around” at her age is a plus.

She’s a throwback and doesn’t use a computer for her bookkeeping work.

“I use an adding machine where you pull the handle. I think using pencil and paper and the adding machine does a better and more exact job than a computer,” Cartwright said. “The trouble with the world today is there are too many computers.”


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