The Monkey Chow Diaries

I think I would prefer the Chicken Fried Steak diet instead.

Imagine going to the grocery store only once every 6 months. Imagine paying less than a dollar per meal. Imagine never washing dishes, chopping vegetables or setting the table ever again. It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

But can a human subsist on a constant diet of pelletized, nutritionally complete food like puppies and monkeys do? For the good of human kind, I’m about to find out. On June 3, 2006, I began my week of eating nothing but monkey chow: “a complete and balanced diet for the nutrition of primates, including the great apes.” 

Maybe I’ll lose weight. Maybe I’ll gain superhuman monkey strength. Maybe I’ll go crazy. Maybe it’s too late. Check back here every day to follow along with the Monkey Chow Diaries.

Just one little small warning before I post the link.  The top of the webpage has a cartoon of a monkey extending the middle finger.  Just wanted to note that incase you are sensitive to that sort of thing or being cautious of what others may see on your monitor at work.  Link




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  1. Nathan says:

    FASCINATING. his sense of humor is the best thing about the whole project!

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