She plays football?

I was looking at the Sports Illustrated website today when I ran across this picture:


Queen of the gridiron?  I had to check this out.

Turns out her name is Brigid Mullen.  She’s the current Miss Wisconsin USA first runner up and plays football for the WPFL – Womens Professional Football League.  (I’m sure Bob Sturm would be happy.)  I knew Dallas had a team in this league, but wasn’t aware they won the championship – I would have thought I would have heard this on the local news somewhere, but I guess Cowboys, Mavs, Stars, Rangers, and high school sports trump this sort of thing.

Back to Brigid.  She’s keeping a journal about her experience as a student, model, and football player for Sports Illustrated.

You can read her first entry here.  Just be aware that there are a few fully clothed seductive pictures of her – wouldn’t want your coworkers to think you are perving out at work.  Here is her latest entry and that links to her other entries as well.

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  1. Trinity13 says:

    I’ve never even heard of the WPFL.

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