Fix ‘n Mix Frosty

I saw a Wendy’s commercial for the new Fix ‘n Mix Frosty.  I guess I was only half way paying attention to it, but I interpreted it as being their version of a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.  So I decided later that evening I was going to have to consume one.

Well, turns out when you order one, all you get is a Frosty and a small package of crushed M&M’s – you have to mix it yourself.  I thought that was pretty budget.


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3 Responses to Fix ‘n Mix Frosty

  1. Bosban says:

    I had this same discussion with someone else a couple months back. They thought the same thing as you.

    When I found out it was called “Fix & Mix,” I just assumed I would have to mix it myself, so it didn’t bother me. Perhaps I’m the only one…?

    Just to be clear: nothing beats a Blizzard. Not a Frosty. Not a McFlurry. And not even Ice Dream.

    Charter Member of Blizzard Fan Club
    ok, i’m kidding.

  2. Trinity13 says:

    But, at least it’s a lot cheaper than a blizzard!

  3. I thought the smae. But thought it looked like less ice cream for the buck and no body wants that!

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