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Just a collection of personal this and that . . .


  • Got a couple of emails asking if wifeGeeding and I did anything special for our anniversary.  This year I took her to Del Frisco’s.  Yeah, it was expensive, but it was pretty impressive.  For example, when they brought us our steaks they asked us to cut into the center to see if it was cooked to our liking.  WifeGeeding’s steak was perfect, but mine was a little undercooked, so they took it back.  After a couple of minutes they brought me a brand new steak.  They didn’t simply just put the original steak back on the grill and cooked it a little more, but they cooked me another slap of beef.  That impressed me immensely.  I use to do a lot of restaurant reviews of places I ate at here in DFW and posted them on this website, maybe I’ll do it again.  But I will say be cautious of the cream corn, it has a little kick to it since there are little bits of spicy sausage mixed in with it.
  • The third year of marriage means you are supposed to give the gift of leather yet I wasn’t informed of this.  I guess I came close since I bought her a steak and Dallas Cowboys gear.  Yeah, I know that’s not the most romantic thing, but her birthday is less than a month away and I’ll make up for it.  I bought her stuff at the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop at Vista Ridge Mall, and found out that my Dallas Cowboy neighbor Sean Ryan was in just an hour before me.  Turns out players get 40% off of merchandise, for some reason I found that interesting.
  • One of my neighbors is in the Air Force Reserves, has served some time in Iraq, and is currently serving some time in Germany.  His wife went to visit him and we watched over their house when they were gone.  When she got back she gave me a Germany soccer jersey since the World Cup is in Germany this year.  Then we found out we both got married on the same day, but in different years.  They are now the coolest neighbors ever and we are blessed to have them in our lives.
  • One of my bosses mentioned to me that she got a call from one of her friends who has a relative that just finished serving two years in Iraq.  He had a heart attack today after being home for three weeks.  I don’t have any updates, but found the timing unfortunate – not that there is ever a good time to have a heart attack, but that just kinda tugged at my heart a little.
  • It never fails, all Acura drivers are snobs and all supporters of Texas Tech either love to drink a lot of beer and/or use the F-bomb at least once ever other sentence. 
  • Since I’m trying to get my mind off the Mavs, I decided to start the Super Star feature in my John Madden Football game.  Basically you create a player, sign an agent, get drafted, play him in games and stuff like that.  Unfortunately I got drafted by the Redskins.  Maybe I should demand a trade.
  • My favorite pastor that performed a marriage with Kerri Russell in attendance is moving to Asia.  Best of luck to him.  Man I’m going to miss him.
  • I’m tempted to post my resume on this website just to see what would happen.  I’m not really looking to jump ship or anything, but just curious what would happen. 
  • I found it interesting that a lot of people found my website through a Denver Broncos fansite called The Orange Mane.
  • I find it even more interesting that people are looking for answers to those logo and movie spreadsheets I posted a while back.  The answers were posted on this website, but people are still looking.
  • I hear the Senate didn’t pass a bill that would raise the minimum wage.  I just can’t image how hard it would be to work a part time job in college and pay for gas that is close to the three dollar mark, much less someone who has to support a family.
  • Highlight of the week?  I was over at Jimi’s place watching the Mavs game when he stated that Charlston Heston was in Field of Dreams, and in front of eight people I bet him $50 that Charlston Heston was not in the film and he shook on it.  He confused him for Burt Lancaster. 
  • My new Treo 700P is my new best friend.
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  1. Trinity13 says:

    Wow, sounds like you two went to a fantastic restaurant!!!

    Btw, they should have def raised min wage…I remember working for near to nothing when I was a young adult.

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