An interesting but long Baylor read

From the DallasMorningViews Beloblog:

“The Education of David Jeffrey”

Here is an astonishing, must-read story about the way the extraordinarily gifted Christian scholar David Lyle Jeffrey was treated at Baylor. There were the death threats, there was his family having to go to football games with bodyguards, there were the slashed tires, there was his teenage son having to put up with pranksters soaking his football equipment in urine.

And wait till you read what Jeffrey’s “crime” was. It is well and truly shocking to read stuff like this, and to think that we’re talking about a Christian university.

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6 Responses to An interesting but long Baylor read

  1. littlepastor says:

    Shocking, but not so much all at the same time.

  2. jayson says:

    Baylor does a horrible job of making people feel loved. You just kind of feel like they look down on you, as if they are better than you. I got a bad vibe just staying there for Super Summer.

  3. MToots says:

    I am saddened to read that “jayson” received such bad vibes at B.U. The school that I attended and loved has had many changes….as all things do…and it hurts those of us who cherish our days at Baylor to know that the attitudes are so far removed from what we felt and experienced. I so wish Baylor could be the smaller university that my parents knew and that I knew. It was w/i the financial and academic reaches of many more young people……….or else they, I and my children would not have been able to attend and graduate.

  4. MToots says:

    On behalf of MANY Baylor Bears around the world, I apologize for the way you were treated during your time at B.U., “Jayson”.

  5. anonymous says:

    sounds like someone is making Baylor a false idol. be careful what you take too much pride in

  6. no name says:

    what would anyone expect from a place full of spoiled- white-rich-baptist-republicans who aren’t open to change or new ideas

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