Weekend Review

  • Before wifeGeeding and I headed to Georgetown, TX for a baby dedication, my mother accidentally ran the van into the house/garage.  Other than being an emotional wreck, she’s OK.  For right now we have to sleep with the garage door open.  At first I was concerned that something might get stolen, then I came to the realization that everything in the garage is pretty much junk and is just taking up space.
  • I saw a bumper sticker that made me laugh, it read “In God I Trust, In Bush I Don’t.”  Which made me think, I can’t believe there are more tax cuts coming from Washington.  The government is in a deficit along with an ongoing war, and more tax cuts are coming?  This just doesn’t make sense to me.  If anything, raise the minimum wage.  I can’t imagine being in college working for minimum wage and trying to fill my car with gas for three bucks a gallon.
  • Decided to listen to The Da Vinci Code on audio book for the drive.  I’m glad God made the iPod.  I’ve only listened to one audio book book on a drive and it almost put me to sleep at the wheel.  That book was the Colin Powell autobiography.  Great audio book by a great man, but an autobiography isn’t really something that can really keep your attention on high alert for about 4-5 hours.  However, The Da Vinci Code is pretty darn good, I feel like I need to finish it before the movie comes out.  Sorry if I disappoint you in that I’m listening to the audio book and will watch the movie.  I don’t feel like I’m selling out my faith in Christ, I just look at the book as a work of fiction, just like the Flying Nun or Indiana Jones (FYI – he really didn’t find the Ark of the Covenant). 
  • There is a popular joke about La Quinta hotels, that translated from Spanish to English it means “next to Denny’s.”  Our La Quinta was not located next to a Denny’s, but rather a funeral home.  In case you are wondering, ‘la quinta’ translates into ‘the villa.’
  • La Quinta had free Wi-Fi, I was happy that I brought my laptop.
  • I ate in a park in which the Georgetown High School football stadium is located.  This was the same stadium in which Vasity Blues was filmed. I hear the locals still hear a lot of West Caan High Coyotes t-shirts, but I didn’t see any.
  • Proof that I love my in-laws:  I sacrificed watching the first half of the San Antonio – Dallas NBA Playoff game.  That’s love.  Much thanks to Jimi for text messenging me the score from time to time.  Little did I know he was at the game, about two rows up from the floor.
  • The church I visited had a person there named Raef.  Other than former Dallas Maverick Raef LaFrentz, he is the only other Raef I know.
  • Whataburger is a popular fast food place in this area of the country.  Great burgers, and great breakfast.  I saw a billboard advertising a chicken biscuit, which means I’m going to have to investigate this further.  Although there wasn’t anything about this new breakfast item on their website.  Right now Chick-Fil-A has the best chicken biscuit for breakfast, I’m sure Whataburger will not disappoint.
  • Watched the final episode of The West Wing.  It was OK, I guess I can say that the show left gracefully.  I think it did a good job showing the awkward and anticipatory feelings of one administration leaving and a new one just taking off.  I thought it was touching how they played one last little tribute to Leo with the framed napkin note, even though all us fans from the show saw it coming.
  • Terry didn’t win Survivor Panama, but he went down with class.  Also, as annoying as Shane was, I think I finally realized that he was good entertainment.
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3 Responses to Weekend Review

  1. MToots says:

    Your in-laws appreciated your sacrifice on Saturday evening!! Isn’t that what “love” is all about?

  2. ramblingwanderer says:

    Try the Whataburger chicken biscuit asap. The Chik-Fil-A version pales in comparison.

  3. Trinity13 says:

    I’ve never even heard of Whataburger! I feel so sheltered. 😛

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