Odds of Dying

Cause of Death Lifetime Odds
Cancer 1-in-7
Accidental Injury 1-in-36
Intentional Self-harm (suicide) 1-in-121
Assault by Firearm 1-in-325
Natural Forces (heat, cold, storms, quakes, etc.) 1-in-3,357
Drowning 1-in-8,942
Flood* (included also in Natural Forces above) 1-in-30,000
Tornado* (included also in Natural Forces above) 1-in-60,000
Snake, Bee or other Venomous Bite or Sting* 1-in-100,000
Dog Attack 1-in-147,717
Tsunami* 1-in-500,000


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One Response to Odds of Dying

  1. Trinity13 says:

    I didn’t know the odds of dying by firearm were so high.

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