Musical Saints Trading Cards

mstc1web.jpgSt. Jude, patron saint of banjo players and other hopeless cases. 5 different cards.
St. Julian, patron saint of fiddlers. 2 cards.
St. Cecilia, patron saint of musicians, musical  instrument makers, and singers.
St.Genesius, patron saint of musicians, dancers, epilepsy and lawyers, go figure!
St. Vitus, patron saint of actors, comedians and dancers.
St. Dunstan, patron saint of musicians,  swordsmiths and lighthouse keepers.
St. Gregory, patron saint of musicians, choir  boys, and plague.

Printed in full color on card stock.

Each card has the saint’s name, patronage, memorial day and a short story.
More info here, buy them here.


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  1. Monsignoir Sabastian Satariano says:

    Please let us know when the Catholic Saints Trading Cards & sets are available. Also provide their individual and set prices; and shipping to Ks.

    With mutual respect,

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