Game Show Marathon

bobbarker.jpgFor some reason the remote was directed to CBS for Game Show Marathon.  In short, celebrities play gameshows such as The Price is Right, Press Your Luck, Let’s Make A Deal, Card Sharks, and Family Feud all in the name of charity.  I thought this was a pretty good idea, until I found out Ricki Lake is hosting all the shows.

Seriously, who else but Bob Barker can host The Price is Right?  It’s not like the show is off the air.  As long as the man is still alive and in good health, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be hosting The Price is Right.  That’s like having Hugh Hefner perform Easter Mass at St Peter’s Basilica.  It’s just an absurd idea.

One side note:

I never watched Paige Davis on Trading Spaces, so I really know nothing about her; but she sure acted like a little wild child.

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4 Responses to Game Show Marathon

  1. Bosban says:

    I was very disappointed that Bob Barker wasn’t hosting.
    It’s just NOT The Price is Right without him.

    I’m going to miss tonight’s show because of The Office marathon on NBC. Let me know if tonight is any better — if you plan to watch.

  2. Trinity13 says:

    What the…??? I didn’t know Ricki was still popular enough to have/host a show again.

  3. whatcha says:

    What does it say about you, when you dedicate a night to watching Riki Lake hosted wanna-be celebrities on stupid game shows?

  4. Geeding says:

    that nothing else was on TV and I was duped into thinking that Bob Barker was going to make an appearance.

    i could only stomach about 20 minutes. at least there is a Mavs game on tonight

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