Ex-stripper turns into Southern Baptist Convention preacher

preacher.jpegLOS ANGELES (AFP) – Heather Veitch, a tall, shapely blonde, made a career out of baring it all at strip clubs. Now when she walks in a club, it is just to deliver her naked truth about God.

“If you are a Christian, see us in ACTION,” she says in a faith-based tease on her website, www.JCsgirls.com, geared toward women in the sex industry as well as men who turn to it.

Last month she was introduced on evangelist Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club” as a “holy hottie.”

At 32, Veitch still has a girlish strain to her voice, but she has done a fair amount of living, surviving a failed, turbulent marriage; having a child at 18; spending five years in the trenches as a stripper; making four appearances in “soft porn” and fetish movies; and having a second daughter with her current husband, who has brain cancer.

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