Dog Rescues Boy From Colorado River

A Labrador retriever rescued a 9-year-old survivor of Hurricane Katrina from a river after the boy’s raft hit a log and he fell overboard, authorities said.

Ryan Rambo, 9, whose family moved to this western Colorado town last year after the hurricane struck their Marrero, La., home, fell into the Roaring Fork River on Sunday, Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario said.

The 2-year-old Lab, named Zion, jumped in the river and swam to Ryan after he began screaming for help, said Chelsea Bennett, 13, the dog’s owner.

Ryan held on to Zion as the dog swam back to the bank. The boy suffered only a scratch, said his mother, Deana Rambo.

“How ironic, isn’t it?” Deana Rambo said. “We come here to get away from flood waters, and he nearly drowns in the river.” 


Hmmmmm, I wonder if DogGeeding or OtherDogGeeding would help me out of a pickle.


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