Bag of Randomness

  • I have this shirt from college from when my intramural football team won the school championship; and I decided to wear it for a church event yesterday in which I planned to help build a few things for a church carnival this weekend.  One of my church friends mentioned to me that his high school coach named John Green had the same shirt.  I asked him if this John Green had a head that was a little too large for his body size, kinda like an alien, and he said yes, so I knew it was the same guy. This event made me realize that I may be the oldest person in my Sunday school class. 
  • I’m beginning to learn that my Sunday school class is a lot better at fellowshipping than planning and executing an event, but I love them all regardless. 
  • I hope no one takes this the wrong way, especially OLC, but for some reason I just feel I can’t trust someone who does not eat meat. 
  • I have no problem with adults drinking alcohol beverages responsibly, and if you don’t know this about me, I am not a consumer of such beverages.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the taste, cost, or some kind of moral element that I don’t drink. But for some reason, I feel uncomfortable when people are drinking around me, even family or folks I worship with.  It shouldn’t bother me, but it does.  I’m weird like that. 
  • I still find it amazing that every Baylor graduate I meet has to state they graduated from Baylor.  They simply can not say “When I graduated from college” or “When I finished school.”  They always say “When I graduated from Baylor,” or “When I went to Baylor.”  Baylor is an exceptional institution for higher education, but this practice can make one sound quite snooty and annoys the living crud out of me.  When I talk to graduates from Dartmouth, San Diego State, Oklahoma, A&M, Nebraska, Tulane, Rice ,or some other university, I never hear them state where they graduated from.  I’m not sure why Baylor folks need to make it a point to let others know where they went to college. 
  • I think this article from makes some good points regarding the Christian faith and the current immigration issue.  Not saying that one should agree with all of it, but just stating it makes some great points I haven’t previously considered. 

  • If anyone finds a link on my website and wants to put it on their website without referencing or linking back to me, go for it.  For one, I don’t own the Internet.  Also, blogging is not like writing a term paper where you have to site your source or you are going to get an ‘F’ for plagiarism.   
  • I think it’s going to be really hard for the Dallas Mavericks to win game six against San Antonio Spurs tonight.  I think the suspension of Jason Terry is lunacy.  Hopefully Devin Harris can step it up and Keith Van Horn can shake the rust. 
  • Before I bought my Nissan Altima, I was stuck deciding between it and the new VW Jetta.  My Altima is in the shop right now getting some repairs done because of a bad door ding that insurance is covering.  My rental car just happened to be a new VW Jetta, and I’m really really enjoying driving it.  
  • Will I ever find the motivation to start studying for the GRE so I can start working on a PhD.? 
  • July27 can’t get here soon enough.  That’s the day the Dallas Cowboys leave for training camp.  I sure hope my neighbor makes the team again this year. 
  • Madden NFL 07 comes out on the XBox Aug 22, another date I’m anticipating.  Shaun Alexander will be on the cover, I have a feeling the Madden Curse will get the best of him this year.  
  • I need a vacation.

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