Weekend In Review

Major Event
Attending my nephew’s 4th birthday party.

Question Raised
After hanging around 4 year old-ishers – will I ever be ready for fatherhood?  Don’t worry, there is nothing happening with that scene, but I just don’t know if I can ever be fit to be a parent.

Best Part
Throwing a Wilson 1001 football with a total stranger, even though it lasted only 10 minutes.  For me, the best part about living on this earth other than everything with wifeGeeding is playing catch with a Wilson 1001. I pray that God will put someone in my life that I can play catch with — soon.

Something I didn’t know
Found out that a former major league baseball player was at my wedding, which was about three years ago.  He didn’t play in the big league long, and I can’t even remember his name right but, but just thought it was an interesting fact.

Good News
Knowing that my friend Bone will never have to work at Hells Fargo again, that that experience is now an event from the past, and knowing he will seek God’s heart trying to understand what he should take from that whole experience.

Strange Occurance
Removing a squirrel from the church gymnasium.  Poor thing was scared to death, thank goodness a hockey stick and trash bucket came in handy.  (No animals were harmed in this entry, only saved from being trapped indoors.)
sq1.jpg sq2.jpg

Spiritual Growth Moment
Hearing my Sunday school class (it’s named Central Park) share what’s going on with their lives – and praying together.  I feel I grow the most spiritually when I hear others communicate with The Almighty.

Happiest Part
Being re-united with dogGeeding and otherDogGeeding – man I missed them!

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3 Responses to Weekend In Review

  1. MToots says:

    Don’t worry….they don’t enter this world as 4 year olds! And by the time they are 4, you will be ready!! You’ll be a great dad….probably because I think you have a great partner to be a parent with!!
    Thanks for coming to east Texas….we always enjoy having you.

  2. Mimi says:

    Hey Baggie, remember me? I finally have high speed cable internet and can access your blog in no time at all! WAHOO! I’ll be sure to visit more often once again.

    Cute squirrel pics…when I was really little my Mom thought it would be cool to have a chipmunk as a pet so she lured it into our VW van while we were camping. It took weeks to get it out! Aaaand it ate up all the interior of the seats. LOL

  3. Geeding says:

    it’s good to have you back!

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