Steroids got the best of Barry Bonds, now they are getting the best of hamsters

If you put a hamster on steroids, he’ll attack other hamsters more quickly and more often, and bite a lot. Cut him off and you might think he’d mellow out.

Not so. Hamsters on steroids remain aggressive into adulthood, according to a new study that offers yet another caution to teens who might try to bulk up artificially.

The hamsters started out tame. Then they were put on anabolic steroids and, as studies have shown with teens, the rodents exhibited “very high levels” of aggression, said study leader Richard Melloni, Jr. of Northeastern University.

Long after the more than 100 hamsters were taken off the steroids, the aggressive tendencies, or “‘roid rage” as scientists put it, remained in 85 percent of them.Link

Thanks, Chris!

Thanks, Chris!

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