judas.jpgI know there has been a lot of talk about Judas in the news as of late, but my fascination with him started several months ago. 

I was visiting my favorite east coast pastor’s blog and then I had an epiphany. 

Geedinglightbulb.jpgHe did a sermon over the U2 song Until the End of the World.  It never occurred to me that that song was about Judas running into Jesus when he was in Hell.  If I were in a cartoon strip, the artist would have drawn a light bulb over my head.  Ever since, I think I have listened to this song at least once a day, it’s just purely brilliant.

I would like to share with you his sermon about that song. 

You can listen to it here.

And below are some resources that you may find helpful whether you listen to the 11 minute sermon.


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8 Responses to Judas

  1. Trinity13 says:

    Not to get too technical with you, but Jesus never went to Hell…he went to Hades (or Sheol-“place of departed souls/spirits”). Hades is the temperary place for all souls, and that’s where He would have run into Judas’s soul.

    Make sense?

  2. Trinity13 says:

    Here’s a link for more of an explanation: Did Jesus go to hell…

  3. Geeding says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Trin.

    Part of my faith in Christ comes in part from the Apostles Creed,
    which mentions he descended into hell.

    Then after some research, turns out as your link mentions that there
    are different interpretations or various stages of hell.

    I’ve found some very good information over the past half hour
    checking this stuff out, and feel more educated. Some sites states
    he was in some type of hell waiting room, and others state that he
    no doubt when to hell. Seems like it all comes from how someone
    interprets the greek translation.

    Anywho, thanks for sharing, I’m enlightened this morning.

  4. Nathan says:

    obviously we humans in this life don’t know how jesus spent (or spends) his time in the other life. having said that, in my sermon, i think i state that the *fictional* song takes place in hell, but rather in the afterlife.

    thanks for the link, Keith. i appreciate your affirmation.

    grace and peace,

  5. Viamarie says:

    Please visit my site again. Thank you and may your Easter season bring you unending joy.


  6. Okay noe were doing business here. Love this set up much better.

    Happy Easter!

  7. LittlePastor says:

    What a wonderfully designed BON! Outside of the profound theological issues, I’ve enjoyed myself today. 🙂

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