Tempting Pictures of the Day – Motorcycle Crash at 174 MPH

Got this as an email from my buddy Brian C.

I’m pretty sure it isn’t a hoax.

Warning: Graphic Pictures
The picture to the right isn’t all that tempting, but this picture and this picture of the person riding the motorcyle sure are pretty gruesome.

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44 Responses to Tempting Pictures of the Day – Motorcycle Crash at 174 MPH

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bad times indeed. These are, tought times.

  2. aNONYMOUS says:

    Looks as if he was going pretty fast to do that. You just don’t hit a tree or car and get torn up like that with leathers on. Sad, but it happens.

  3. bob smith says:

    did he die?

  4. Sam Murray says:

    Did he die?
    LOL (*****)

    That’s grusome. No amount of leather and Kevlar dragginjeans can help you in that situation.

    174 mph eh? What’s that, 2nd gear on a hayabusa?
    I’ll keep riding my Yamaha TTR-250 for now.

  5. HrNb says:

    174MPH is something like 280KMH….Thats a horror scene…

  6. andrew says:

    holy shit how fast was this guy driving

  7. bazza says:

    if he was wearing a Shoei helmet he would have lived

  8. Mike says:

    Rub Active on Directly Where it Hurts dude.

  9. The Sik Nik says:

    Man there is no way the tarmac done that even @200mph/300kph, he must have hit something real fast to split him up like that, sad sad story, and it could happen to all of us, i drive fast, this doest deter me unfortunatly but it reminds me im not invincible, 4gs worth of alpinestars or not, sorry for his friends who had to see it, and for whoever dragged those bits out of the road(you can see where they dragged)


  10. Dman says:

    Did he hit a wire rope barrier?

  11. me says:

    damn thats horrible

  12. dude says:

    rubber side down guys

  13. Knacker says:

    Has nobody noticed the fact he may of had a pillion either that or he had 1 bike boot on and a trainer ?????

  14. gaz says:

    He’s still breathing….

  15. sean parker says:

    Got what he deserved

  16. D Howard says:

    This is a Grim Reminder to us all, if these pictures save even one rider from a fate like this then this rider will not have died in vain.


    *Keep that Shiney side up*

  17. Better Himself Than Someone Else says:

    Ride Like An Asshole, Die Like An Asshole.

  18. JStew says:

    A girl I attend school with emailed these pictures out to discourage motorcycle use. This guy was a straight aarow – never took the bike over the speed limit. This was the first time he “opened it up” and then hit some loose gravel on a turn. He was a class act in everything he did, just made one stupid, fatal judgement error.

  19. bob says:

    did he live

  20. bob says:

    that nasty but not skared

  21. j-dog says:

    did you see his body!?!?!?!??!?!!

  22. Busa Rider says:

    Try actually doing those speeds and hit a speed wobble then look at this pic and picture yourself…. it SHOULD get you thinking!Enter text right here!

  23. Cameron says:

    You should all spare a thought for the ambo's (paramedic's). You have fun, they have trouble going home. Bike, Car doesn't matter slow down. been riding 28 years now and I'm the last of my group. Tree's. ditches or cars there's a lot of time to be missed just for a few minutes of speed.

  24. sean says:

    I can't really get my head around that picture, is it real? If it is god forbid, thats horrific. Truly horrific. However, the same could happen in a bad car accident and whats the point in life if you don't enjoy yourself or do what makes you happy?

  25. Ricky says:

    No way is that real unless some nice guy collected it all into one pile of wasted life.
    Like Knacker said one boot one trainer, theres also two leather jackets and where hes head has "come off" there is not damage to that section of the helmet unless the helmet came off, but with that force he would also have no lower face. gloves magically landed where his hands should be? Definite hoax. THe bike is still in one peice, cant be possible

  26. chris says:

    you hartless asshole how dare you somthing like this jerks like u can fuck off

  27. 250+ says:

    "Two jackets"? those are his riding pants next to him .
    and thats pics of the everything after they dragged everything to a pile…thats why the glove "magicaly" landed there.

  28. 250+ says:

    You know what I dont get?
    the picture of the motorcycle shows that the wheel wheel is intacked on the motorcycle, but the picture with the guy in it, there is a front rim that is torn up laying next to his legs….I dont get it…I think the pic of the bike is from a different accident

  29. Super Villain says:

    That's what happens when you put a ham-fisted squid on a missile.

  30. epthorn says:

    I'm interested in the footwear as well. One riding boot, consistent with his gear, and then a tennis shoe? Bad news. News story link?

  31. cassidy says:

    looks like my uncle flaco

  32. Aleshia says:

    It may not deter you seeing this picture, but imagine that bike didn't kill himself, but a mother and her new born infant taking a walk on the side of the road.

  33. Aleshia says:

    What do you mean did he live? He lost half his head, his insides, and the bottom half of his body!

  34. phebe says:

    so fake bcuz the jacket is off…how???????????

  35. dulith says:


    what happen to him..?

  36. BLOODY WANKER says:


  37. syco says:

    My old man once told me bikes are safe as long as you know they're dangerous

  38. IllWill says:

    Why is there both a boot and a shoe? He couldn't afford the second boot?


  39. nick says:

    no its real someone was decent enough to pile the guy up so people didnt sqiush him even more i doubt it was his first time it takes balls to go from 70 mph to a 170 in one day i hit 100 cruiser and shit my self or maybe his throttle stuck who knows one ridder down is sad no more riders is a tragedy remember keep both wheels on the ground and ride with god we all gotta go sometime.

  40. jdd says:

    thats fake i can tell you that right now exposed organs and back of your head like that would have puddles of blood under him and i am a coroner iv seen what something like that is and its gruesome

  41. woobie says:

    not a real pic!! there is 3 pics and 1 isnt even the same back ground as the other two. how can he have one boot and one shoe? no wat is this real!

  42. concerned says:

    if he was wasn't driving like a maniac he would still be alive… ergo: got what he deserved.

  43. Bill says:

    Poor guy, rest in peace. Those that say he deserved it are pieces of shit. Chances are he was loved by at least someone. Some of you are heartless. We are human, we make mistakes and do stupid things. God decides what is and isn't deserved. This rider probably rode the same way every day. God decided that this was his last ride. All that matters is how you are judged by God, not people.

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