Random Thoughts

This weekend was the free HBO preview weekend. This preview allowed me to feel even better about my choice not to purchase HBO as I didn’t find many movies that I really wanted to watch.

I did just finish watching Career Opportunitys, an early 90’s classic. But yesterday HBO did allow me to see Ray, the movie about Ray Charles. After watching Ray, I was in a movie watching mood and decided to rent Walk The Line, the Johnny Cash movie.

These two men had a lot of similarities.
– Both lost a brother early and life and felt responsible.
– Both had a drug problem.
– Both had marriage issues.
– One dressed in black, the other was black.
– Both were blind. I may be wrong on this one. 😉

But it all got me to thinking, one day there will be a Bono movie. If you think about it, he does have one heck of a life story. From being the product of a Protestant mother and Catholic father in spiritually torn Ireland, to losing his mother early in his life, to U2, to all the humanitarian projects, to statesman, and one of Time magazine’s Persons of the Year – all add up to a great movie. Just hope it doesn’t come out any time soon. He’s already done so much, I just hope there is a lot more of his life left. Sometimes I get scared when someone is so much larger than life that tragedy happens. IE JFK, Princess Di, Lou Gehrig, and Roberto Clemente.

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