Pensacola Christian College – Rules

Some pretty interesting rules at PCC.

  • You may not put up a picture of unmarried people in physical contact unless they are “little kids.” (these are sold in the bookstore).
  • You may not sing “too loud” during prayer group.
  • You may not open your window.
  • You may not adjust your thermostat.
  • You may not wipe “boogers” on the wall. This is being cracked down on.


But what is more interesting is the punishment.  The most severe form is ‘shadowing.’

Though not a specific punishment, it often accompanies the above disciplines. Shadowing is when a student is made to accompany a floor-leader or other PCC staff member 24 hours a day. He will sleep in the floor-leaders room, attend his classes (or sit in the dean’s office) and eat all meals with him. The student is allowed no interaction with any other student, with limited access to those outside the school (e.g. parents).

The student is shadowed from the time he has been accused or suspected of a “serious” infraction until he is exonerated or punished. There is an implied “presumption of guilt.” Any student is vulnerable to having his life severely interrupted, possibly suffering exceptional emotional and spiritual distress as he is isolated, pressured, and scared, being made to feel guilty even when there is no reason.


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