BagOfNothing Saturday In Review

I get a weekly message from Song of Solomon guru Tommy Nelson. One of those messages mentioned that romance and respect are cousins, so I thought I would show wifeGeeding some respect and surprise her with a weekend retreat to start her spring break.

Saturday afternoon I took her to The Ashton Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s a small luxury hotel, but it definitely delivers and will meet or exceed all your expectations. I hear Tony Bennett stays there when he plays at the Bass Performance Hall (say it like the fish, not the deep sound) as well as many other celebrities and performers. For more info on The Ashton, check out this review from Anywho, it started with me asking wifeGeeding if she was packed and ready to go. She was very confused at this point since she didn’t have a clue I had a weekend planned, which made the moment even better.

We arrive at The Ashton in time to have an afternoon tea. I know, you are thinking that this is probably pretty gay, but sometimes you have to do things to make your significant other glow. You give a little, and if you are lucky, you get a little. Besides, I felt it was time for Geeding to get a little cultured.

Guys, if you want to do a little something for the ladies in your life and you live in the DFW area, take her to Afternoon Tea at The Ashton. The setting is very elegant, and it was actually a little fun. Once you are seated, you are treated to a very nice table setting and a complementary glass of champagne. A hostess will then come by with a cart and have you smell different types of tea and blends. I would recommend the Irish blend. I was doing my best to fit in, as you can see I made sure to have my pinky up as I sipped on my Irish tea.

You are then treated to a pretty cool looking arrangement full of vegetables with a walnut dipping sauce, some french toast bread chips with ricotta and herb flan, and an assortment of little bitty sandwiches. And yes, that was probably the most unmasculine sentence I have ever written. You should be able to see the food arrangement in the picture above me. After that, you are treated to scones, petit fours, cocolate truffles, and petite fruit tarts. Pretty good stuff overall. WifeGeeding really loved it. It made for a nice slow relaxing afternoon. Once again guys, if you want to win some points with the lady in your life, take her to Afternoon Tea at The Ashton.

After the tea, we checked into our room. I was very impressed. I think this room was better than the honeymoon room wifeGeeding and I stayed in at the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World. I guess I never really experienced luxery, and this was definately something pretty darn cool. One of the big differences one will notice is the linens, oh the linens. So very crisp and soft and fresh. I miss them right now. You also get your own thermostat. I’m use to going to a hotel and then you have that one huge fan/air conditioner unit by the window where you can only set it on High Med or Low.

The evening ended with me surprising wifeGeeding again with a trip to the Bass Performance Hall to see Riverdance. The Bass Performance Hall is another place where guys can score points for the lady in their life. Here is a great outside shot of the place, and here is a great inside shot of the hall in case you are unfamiliar with the place.The only thing that I don’t like about The Bass is that they don’t let you take pictures once you are inside the hall. I find this pretty stupid. I can understand not taking pictures during a performance, but they won’t even let you take pictures before or after the performance when you are inside the hall. You can of course take pictures in the lobby area, which we were told by the very friendly and professional staff, but I can’t believe they sold us the line that the lobby was a prettier place to take pictures. For shame!

Riverdance was actually pretty cool. My favorite part is when the Irish folk meet up with some black tap dancers and have a dance-off. Yeah, I know, that sounds a little funny, but it was actually cool. Oh, and I almost forgot. I got some really good tickets off eBay for this event. We were on the fourth row from the stage. Being that close you get a good perspective and things and are able to appreciate the performace in a unique way.

After the show we just walked around Sundance Square. On one corner was a man with a mini-speaker set and he was preaching the gosphel. This reminded me of part of Billy Graham’s autobiography where he explained that was something he use to do in the past.

I thought it was kind of admirable, but maybe a dated practice. I wasn’t sure how people would resond to this sort of thing in today’s culture. As we walked by, someone associated with him handed us a piece of paper. On the front of this 4″x10″ piece of paper was the image of a $1000 bill and on the back was some writing.

As we continued to walk, we could hear a small group behind us talk about how much the preaching-corner-man annoyed them, and how Christians who minister in public and go to houses an so forth really irritate them. I mean they were pretty upset, saying things that they wish they could just be left alone, that Christians don’t have the right to tell how others should live, that all Christians do is make people feel guilty for everything from watching TV to drinking, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

When we got back to the hotel, I decided to check out what the pice of paper had to say. Here is the one section that stood out:

“When a rich man once asked Jesus how he could obtain everylasting life, Jesus asked him if he had kept the Ten Commandments. If he kept them, he would live

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this is a correct interpretation. I don’t recall Jesus ever saying that someone would live forever if a person would keep the Ten Commandments. I think I may have a feeling why those that are not Christians get so annoyed with Christians at times, but I guess you have to admire the passion.

Anywho, we had a great Saturday. Some of you prefer it when I actually write a little about my life instead of always posting links, so there you go.

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4 Responses to BagOfNothing Saturday In Review

  1. Trinity13 says:

    Wow, it sounds like a really great time!!! Your wife must have been very thankful for the trip! 🙂

  2. MToots says:

    If Wifegeeding wasn’t appreciative….and I know she was….her mother certainly was impressed w/ the thoughtfulness of son-in-lawgeeding!! Never lose the romance in your relationship!
    As for the scriptural misinterpretation….it was just that! Sad! I believe that Jesus said to the rich young man, “You must be born again.” And then He went on to explain how this occurs.
    Pray for these folks….even though we don’t know them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What no bedroom talk?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have the BEST husband in the world!! Our little getaway to Ft.Worth was just what we needed. From afternoon tea at The Ashton to Riverdance at Bass Hall the weekend was perfect. Geeding is the most thoughtful man out there!


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