Valentine’s Day

For Hundreds of years the 14th of February has been known as a day of love to romantics around the globe. ‘Valentines Day, Love and Romance through the Ages‘ explores the history of Valentines day and the role it has played in a number of different cultures and countries from around the world.

But we all know it comes down to Hallmark and other card companies wanting to cash in one the sensitivity of women.

And here is a great perspective of Valentines Day from my buddy Bone:

I know it seems to be a popular choice among my contemporaries to bash this day on the Calendar and wrap yourself up in bitterness, but I really don’t care enough to get all mired up in that. To me it is just another day. If you have a girlfriend, wife, or significant other, then it is a special day, but if you don’t then it is really not a big deal. At least I don’t think so. To me if you do have someone that is special to you I don’t really think you need to have a day on the calendar to remind someone they are special to you.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

And in case you ever needed help with a love letter, here is a Valentines Love Letter Generator.

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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude, I made the bag without even trying.


  2. Trinity13 says:

    I did that love letter generator and I have it posted on my blog…very funny!!!

  3. mtoots says:

    Please share the valentine I sent to wifegeeding and husband w/ Bone. He’s right….we don’t need a special day, but it’s nice to remember One who is special.

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