Thoughts about the Coretta Scott King funeral

Here is a link to the funeral program, which is 28 pages long. I have a feeling that should there be a funeral for me, the funeral program will be a Post It note.

  • It includes letters from President Bush and Mayor Franklin of Atlanta, as well as a proclamation from Governor Perdue of Georgia.

    Note: When Rev Martin Luther King Jr died, then Geogia Gov Lester Maddox refused to attend the funeral calling the civil rights leader “an enemy of the country.”

  • There are a lot of honorary pall bearers, Bono being one of them.
  • Turns out she was two years older than her husband. She was born in 1927, he was born in 1929.
  • Michael Bolton is scheduled to sing. I wonder if this is the same Michael Bolton I’m thinking about.
  • TD Jakes will speak.
  • Dr Robert Schuller of the Crystal Catherral is listed as providing the benediction. I really like him.

Also, and I’m not sure how to define this picture. Maybe ironic is a good word, I dunno. But there are a lot of white people on stage for her funeral.

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