For all the Survivor fans out there

Ride the Survivor Roller Coaster.

Based on the hit CBS series, ride seekers start out on a journey surrounded by the sounds of tribal music, jungle drums, fiery 40-foot tall torches, exotic tribal relics and tropical landscaping.

Those brave enough can participate in an endurance immunity challenge as seen on the television show or relive SURVIVOR moments through memoirs of previous seasons.

Riders are then divided into two tribes and challenged to demonstrate their enthusiasm through tribal chants and ritual dance movements that trigger a collection of native masks to spray water on the losing tribe.

The adventure continues as tribes of riders board a giant circular vessel complete with a towering tribal mask looming at its center. Guests sit facing outward and experience a thrilling rocking and spinning motion as the platform swirls along a wave-like track, all while traversing through rugged terrain and ascending hills as high as five stories tall.

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