Christian Combat Training

I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to a ministry that the Lord has laid upon our heart. Seasoned in prayer and coupled with many hours of preparation, there has evolved a training course for Christian Youth and Young Adults.

Our Lord has developed within my heart a burden to train these young men and women. With this in mind, I began to draw upon my training as a Pathfinder in the U.S. Army. I reasoned that the methods employed in the Armed Forces of this nation had led to many victories and freedom to all. Why could we as Christians not glean the benefits of the same?

Here are some of the course descriptions:

Night Navigation: An in depth class on the use and function of a Compass. This course teaches a valuable Christian truth: (Psalm 119:105).

Weapons Course: This course challenges the Christian Soldier to engage and eliminate his greatest enemies.

Visit the site here.

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3 Responses to Christian Combat Training

  1. Trinity13 says:

    Hey, this guy is like 2 hours away from me!!! That’s it, I’m on my way to COMBAT!

  2. you are combat ready as it is anyways. it would just be a waste of time for you

  3. Trinity13 says:

    True, Neo would have a fit if I wasted money on that.

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