Tracking Network Locations

One fun stat I like to look at regarding is tracking network locations.

You can view a list of the 107 different network locations for the past week here.

Some network locations that I found interesting are:

23 Texas Instruments Computer Science Center
24 Wills Point ISD
35 Midland ISD
40 Pepsi Cola Company / North America (PCNA)
49 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
51 DeptHomelandSecurity
59 Los Angeles Unified School District
62 Louisiana State University
67 United States Military Academy
68 University of Miami
78 UUNET Australia Limited
96 State of Georgia/Board of Regents
106 University of Massachusetts

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2 Responses to Tracking Network Locations

  1. Towski says:

    Department of Homeland Security? You’re screwed. See you at Gitmo, commie.

  2. StacyGrrrL says:

    You see #13? That’s me, buddy! WOOT!
    I wonder if #13 tracks this…heh.

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