Top Ten Villainous Moments In Comic Book History

I don’t read comics, but I do love a lot of these characters. I also spent wayyyyy too much time on this site because some of the story lines were pretty darn cool. It all started by reading about what the Joker did to Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and then what happened to her from there.

Click here for the whole list.

Here are some notables:

8 Joker Cripples Barbara Gordon
Joker shot Barbara Gordon in front of her father, then undressed her and took a few tasteful photos. Though Batgirl was lost, an new kind of hero, Oracle, was born from the incident.

6 Doomsday Kills Superman

4 Bane Breaks Batman’s Back

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  1. Trinity13 says:

    Thanks for sharing the link…I used to be a huge comic book fan! Instead of collecting Barbie dolls, I used to buy Robin and Rogue comics!

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