Santa has his own blog!

Pretty clever site if you ask me. View it here.

Here is an excerpt:

What a day we had yesterday! Comet and Cupid, who are in charge of training new reindeer at the Reindeer Flight School (RFS) were trying to train a new recruit who just couldn’t seem to get a grasp of flying. This new recruit’s name is Bambono. He had a very simple drill to do.

Comet had set up some pylons along Gingerbread Street to have Bambono practice his agility. He simply had to run at about 15km/hr in between the pylons. After dodging all the pylons, he would have a straight-away where he could bring his speed up to 45km/hr before lifting off the ground and flyig no higher than 15 feet above the ground. He would circle around Christmas Square and fly back to Gingerbread street for the landing.
But what really happened was quite a different story

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