People I would like to have dinner with (living).

David Letterman
Billy Graham
Bill Clinton
Jon Stewart.

Yeah, I know, they are all white-males and I didn’t include any diversity in my list. But at least Jon Stewart is Jewish.

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3 Responses to People I would like to have dinner with (living).

  1. jwelker says:

    interesting choice, clinton. he was someone I would not vote for, but appears to have such a great mind i wouldn’t mind dining with him myself.

  2. jackson says:

    great list. surprised not to see any athletes on the list.

    why isn’t W on the list? LOL!!! don’t woryy, I would invite him either. maybe his dad, but definately not W

  3. i guess the only athlete i would consider to invite would be Joe Montana. Loved him back in the day, even when he played for the cheifs.

    as for W, i wouldn’t even allow him to come in and use the loo.

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