Medical History of the Presidents of the United States

Another website I spent entirely too much time on because I found it so fascinating.

See what I’m talking about here.

Some highlights:

  • George Washington was known as “The Potomac Stallion.”
  • John Q Adams liked to exercise. He was an excellent swimmer. Often, he would rise early in the morning, walk from the White House to the Potomac River, strip, and swim. On one occasion, someone stole his clothes, and the naked President had to ask a passing boy to run to the White House and fetch him some others!
  • In 1978, Carter had to leave a Christmas party for White House staffers “to receive emergency treatment” for a painful hemorrhoid that left him “almost completely incapacitated from participating in any kind of public events.”
  • If you have ever wondered whether a signed document transmitted over a fax machine is legally binding, consider the fact that in connection with his colonoscopy Bush transferred Presidential power to Vice President Cheney, and later resumed power, by faxing signed documents to Congress
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