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It annoys me when a person questions someone’s faith. I like to give the benefit of the doubt in most cases, and above all, it all pretty much lies between the individual and The Almighty. I just don’t think it’s our place to judge, and it all goes back to that whole plank in the eye thing. Maybe as individuals we should first focus upon our relationship with Christ rather than judge others.

I’m talking about this because an old friend sent me an email asking me to read an article about Bono and to let him know my thoughts. Sometimes I question why he does this sort of thing to me from time to time, but above all I know his heart and love him to death. It’s not him who I’m concerned with, but more so the author and/or magazine.

In a nutshell, the author is upset at Bono for saying something at a concert. She quotes him as saying, “Jesus, Jew, Mohammed-all true. Jesus, Jew, Mohammed-all true.” Then she goes on saying that she has heard of urban legends regarding Bono’s great faith in Christ and how dissappointed she is in him (even mentions she felt like she was winessing an antichrist). Her biggest beef appears to be that she is upset that Bono is telling the world that all faiths lead to God.

My issue with this author and magazine – the quote is wrong and taken out of context. Not only is it misquoated, but she doesn’t include the entire quote. This is what Bono says during the concerts, “Jesus. Jew. Mohammed. It’s true — All sons of Abraham.” I checked my U2 Chicago DVD when I got home, and I have the quote correct. Even checked it with some other websites, and this is how it appears. She has the quote dead wrong, and should not have edited out the “All sons of Abraham” part. There may be some others that have the quote slightly different, but I question the motives of those websites.

Bono isn’t saying all faiths leads to God, he is just talking about the historical context of the religions.

It’s sad how the Christian community is always looking to crucify someone. Whether it be Disney or Bono. The author didn’t take the time to verify the quote, or better yet the editors of the magazine didn’t take the time. I feel like her agendy was just to spark some controversy and get noticed – much like the Geraldo Rivera’s and Jerry Springer’s of this world. Talk about leading a flock astray.

Personally, I don’t think Bono is Holy, I think he is a rock star that has a great agenda that I support. I feel that Bono has a relationship with Christ, but I can’t be certain. Just as I can’t be certain that Amy Grant or George W has a personal relationship with Jesus. Besides, that is between them and Jesus, I’m not the one to judge. But I do like a lot of what Bono says and I feel like that along with his music has brought me closer to Christ. May not be the case for everyone, but I feel so in my heart.

Unfortunately I did some research on this wacko of an author. She has her own website with a message board. I was stupid enough to join her website just so I could comment on it’s message board regarding her article.

Fortunately through that message board I found some quotes from a person named Nathan Hart, a youth minister in NYC. I thought he had some great things to say, and found out he even has his own blog. I enjoyed his writing so much, that his blog is now one of my favorites.

This topic has worn me thin. I may get some emails about this, but they will probably be deleted as I have said my peace and no longer want to spend any more time on what a rock star says during a concert, a rock star by his own admission states he isn’t a good representation of Christianity.

Here’s hoping we can coexist.

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