Full bag of events and thoughts this weekend

– I worked both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was the killer, had to be in the office at 5:00 AM for a project install. At least I got home before kickoff.

– Went to two parties this weekend. One party was a school party for wifeGeeding’s school, the other was an engagement party. Both parties had a bunch of girls that were Baylor graduates. How did I know they were from Baylor? Because they always go out of their way to let you know where they went to school.

– One of the hardest things about fantasy football is picking players that will be playing against your favorite team. As you know, I love the Dallas Cowboys. I had Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson and their kicker. You want your team to win, but you also want your player to perform exceptionally well. I guess I got lucky. Larry Johnson had over 140 total yards and three touchdowns. However, my kicker did miss a last second field goal that would have won the game for Kansas City. I think I can live with the missed kick. 🙂

– Speaking of Kansas City, way to go Danni!. Finally, the person I was rooting for in Survivor won. Why Danni? Well, she’s tall and lanky just like wifeGeeding, except I think wifeGeeding has better abs – and that’s not a joke. Also, I just wasn’t a fan of Stephanie for several reasons. One, she’s from Philadelphia, and that must make her an Eagles fan. Two, Her eye-brows scare me. Three, and this is from the SportsGuy, but I just find it weird that she is so much better looking after spending 40 days in a jungle without food or make-up than she is in real life all clean, well-kepted, and nourished. And one more note about the show – both Danni and Stephanie were wearing some ugly boots at the reunion show. I’m usually a big fan of the female wearing ‘the boot,’ but Danni looked like she had two corn-dogs covered in mustard covering her legs.

– I heard NY Giants kicker Jay Feeley talk about his faith and dependence upon Christ during the rough times in his life. It was reassurring to hear someone refer to his or her relationship with Christ during the hard times, and not just for all the accomplishments.

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